Ezel & Rona Ray ‘Take Me Home LP’

Artist: Ezel & Rona Ray
Title: Take Me Home LP
Label: Bayacou Records
Cat. #: BYC26
Format: Digital
Release Date: 2.02.2024

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House music and its derivates: in this cold January we found a juicy 15 track long composition made by the minds of Ezel and Rona Ray. Their ‘Take Me Home LP’ is filled with smooth and warm sonorities, elements that explore the realms of classy and touching music. While moving mostly into deep house and soulful fields, the various songs create dreamy scenarios, where everyone can feel comfortable and feel intimate vibes. Aside the ace instrumentals, the vocals of Rona Ray play a fundamental part, giving to the whole album theme that particular touch which is missing in most of the contemporary productions. ‘Forest Gump’, ‘Floating’ and ‘History Repeating’ are just three of the best productions of the LP, the selection is wide and there’s something to suit everybody’s tastes.