Carlos Nilmmns ‘Emanon EP’

Artist: Carlos Nilmmns
Title: Emanon EP
Label: Paris Metro Music
Format: Digital
Release Date: March 20th 2020
1. Energy Raid
2. Eras
3. Sonder
4. Emanon
5. Y.R.S

Carlos Nilmmns tries to shock his quarantine days with a fast publication on his label Paris Metro Music, taking care of all the production and publication aspects.
The sound of ‘Emanon EP’ is a catchy melt of oldschool techno and Chicago house, in fact these are the styles which the artist has always been into. For the pleasure of hardware only heads, these dancefloor cuts have been made ‘out of the box’ with a set of machines (on the Bandcamp link you can find the entire list).
Notable to mention the tracks ‘Eras’ and the title track for their sexy and winking instrumental combination.

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