Casimir von Oettingen ‘Brepps EP’

Artist: Casimir von Oettingen
Title: Brepps EP
Remixer: Yulia Niko, Nader
Label: as
Cat. #: AUM028
Format: Digital
Distribution: Paradise-Distribution
Release-Dates: Beatport exclusive 24. Apr. 2020 / All Shops 08. Mai 2020
01 Casimir von Oettingen – Brepps (Original Mix)
02 Casimir von Oettingen – Brepps (Yulia Niko Remix)
03 Casimir von Oettingen – Brepps (Nader Remix)
04 Casimir von Oettingen – Dollop (Original Mix)

While it’s quiet in the streets, it’s loud all over in the studios – one thing that no one can stop! For the 28th edition of ‚as usual.’ releases, we are onboarding three new faces with a distinctive sense for brisk underground music. On the main part, there’s one of Berlin’s highly demanded artists in these days – charming CASIMIR VON OETTINGEN, who brings tons of freshness with two originals of catchy minimal music. The remixers are YULIA NIKO, who had an enormous output in the recent times on labels like Deeperfect, Hottrax, Crosstown Rebels or Get Physical. And then there’s Zürich-based NADER who is a protagonist in the scene since the early 90’s and well-known in the city and above for his unique style.

Casimir’s original of the title track feels like a cool shower on sweaty days and has everything that a non-categorizable minimal tune needs at these days. ‚Brepps’ stands out by finding the perfect balance between stripped-down rhythmics, low-boosting curves plus a sincere sweetness and humour.

First reintepretation comes from Berlin-based Russian artist Yulia Niko, who injects her soft spot for subtly reduced sounds, and adds an embracing warmth and deepness on the silky lead sphere and vocal cuts. Quite inviting for gentle moves on the floor and hovering beyond.

Dirtyness comes by Swiss guy Nader by exhuming his old 303! Acid never dies and appears after all these years as one of the strongest instruments ever in eletronic dance music. Nader takes us on trip and combines smartly the old and the new, and always keeps in mind that it’s the remix of ‚Brepps’.Massive rework!

Last but not least, we get lost once again with „Endlos“ resident Casimir’s ‚Dollop’ and we don’t want to find the exit. Light-footedly he seduces us into his world of profound sequences on shaking minimalistic rhythms – effective as hell. Timeless stuff that spends full satisfaction and catches us by the eternal passion for loops.