PH98 ARTWORK Chicken Lips - Goldenlips (DJ Sotofett’s ‘Golden Funk’ Mix) - Phantasy Sound

Chicken Lips ‘Goldenlips’

Artist: Chicken Lips
Title : Goldenlips
Remixer: DJ Sotofett
Label: Phantasy Sound
Cat. #: PH98
Format: Vinyl & Digital
Release Date: 29th May 2020
A. Goldenlips
B. Goldenlips (DJ Sotofett’s ‘Golden Funk’ Mix)

A key fixture in the record bags of DJs throughout the past few decades, best known for their unforgettably odd house anthem ‘He Not In’, it’s been some years since Andy Meecham and Dean Meredith last collaborated as Chicken Lips. As such, it’s with no little delight that Phantasy welcomes them back into the fold with one of their most mind-bending tracks yet, accompanied by a remix from a fellow stalwart of the underground, DJ Sotofett.

Instant and assured, ‘Goldenlips’ unrolls like licorice over ten blissful minutes, mining an undercurrent of post-acid house euphoria into a dreamy analogue jam-turned-trip, a soft and rhythmic vision of dancefloor euphoria that demonstrates a mastermind session of tension and release from two individuals with decades of experience in tipping dancefloors upside-down.

On the flip, DJ Sotofett continues to deliver the unexpected with a more truncated but no less compelling ‘Golden Funk’ mix. Suddenly rolling back the musical clock to the sun-drenched West Coast of the mid-nineties, the result is an oozing, bottom-heavy rework so delicious, it might even have united Puffy and Snoop.