Close Relative ‘Isopod’

Artist: Close Relative
Title: Isopod
Label: Truesoul
Cat. #: TRUE12147
Format: Digital
Release date: 28 October, 2022

Close Relative, the burgeoning project from a revered techno don who’s fuelling Truesoul incognito, returns with another kaleidoscopic burst of melodic cuts. His third EP on Adam Beyer’s imprint, the three-tracker sees Close Relative continue in his deft explorations that come inspired by nature.

Centered around the ocean and the species that inhabit its expanse, ‘Isopod’ is the first to plunge listeners into the producer’s source of inspiration. A booming start, meandering notes are rapidly met by steady slaps and the surging melody which looms large. ‘Oyster’ pulls back on the ferocity while maintaining depth as swirling synths and mellow chords come together with skittered synths and ascending notes to create a mesmeric implosion from the deep. ‘Plankton’ seeks to disorient the ear as the galloping rhythm clashes with a shutter shock of hi hats, and chord-led ascents soon meets accelerated, scattered synths creating a chaotic underwater plain.