CLTD018 - Artwork Black

Hemissi ‘Reminder Of Life’

Artist: Hemissi
Title: Reminder of Life
Label: Concrete Records
Cat. #: CLTD018
Format: Vinyl only
Release Date: 30.01.2024
01. Reminder
02. Thunder Slap
03. Screw
04. Back Fire
05. Ostralopitek
06. Virtues

Concrete Records is an Italian label based in Rome and has seen contributions from Voices From the Lake, Minilogue, Svreca, Tensal, Echologist aka Brendon Moeller and Cassegrain, and many more, with many releases gaining multiple represses.

Hemissi is a French artist making waves in the scene by being known for his standout releases on quality labels like Jeff Mills’ Axis, Slam’s Soma, Ben Sims’ Symbolism, Bas Mooy’s Mord to name only a few.

Starting with “Reminder” its quirky tones and tribal percussion is the perfect warm up. “Thunder Slap” adds a new spin with a more underground feeling of spaced-out tension. “Screw” has a sci-fi style bleeping hook and awesome atmospherics. “Back Fire” uses an abstract and rolling tone as the basis and adds more metallic touches to its warm layers. “Ostralopitek” brings another out-there vibe from its detuned strings and throbbing bassline. “Virtues” brings back a heady take on techno with its swirling and hypnotic elements over a jackin’ groove.

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