Craxi Disco  ‘Unicorn’

Artist: Craxi Disco
Title: Unicorn
Label: Disco Milk Records
Release Date: Thursday, August 31 2023
Unicorn (Original Version)
Unicorn (Super Paolo Rework)

Gianni Crucini, otherwise known as Craxi Disco, is a highly esteemed Italian music producer, currently residing in London. His musical journey, rich and eclectic, charts a path from playing synths in a krautrock band to a Radio DJ residency at ‘Link’ in Bologna, a venue of significant prestige within the electronic music scene. Crucini embodies a modern-day heretic of the Italo/cosmic tradition, choosing to pioneer this stylistic lineage into the 21st century. His approach is characterized by a determined resistance to contemporary trends, and instead, he wields irony and fervent devotion to advance his cause as an aesthetic, emotional and transcendental vision.

His latest production, ‘Unicorn’, is an arresting 80’s themed masterpiece. It possesses an unmistakable cosmic-disco spin. The two versions of ‘Unicorn’ showcase an unfeigned reverence for the grandiose atmosphere of the eighties. On remix duty we have a super cosmic-disco version by Super Paolo. Super Paolo’s version showcases his affinity for the iconic Hohner Clavinet and cosmic basslines, pushing the groove into a realm reminiscent of Daniele Baldelli’s post-1980 style. Both version express a true love and devotion to the grandeur of the eighties, Craxi Disco brings the crowd to an interesting trip to the land of analogue synthesis and a true passion for hand made music grooves.

In an industry often driven by rapidly changing trends and the constant pursuit of novelty, Craxi Disco serves as a reminder of the enduring power of authenticity, the potential of music to transport us, and the value of honouring and preserving our sonic heritage. Disco Milk Records and Super Paolo are proud to an artists such as Craxi Disco on board