CRM20 - Copia

Rydm Sectors ‘Who Is Who In The Underground?’

Artist: Rydm Sectors
Title: Who Is Who In The Underground?
Label: Cosmic Rhythm
Cat. #: CRM20
Format: Vinyl 12”
Release Date: February 14th, 2022
A1. Under A Groove (6:29)
A2. Givin’ My All (5:21)
B1. Deep Sensation (Deep Instrumental) (6:04)
B2. Lost Entity (5:52)

Nico Lahs and Michele Lamacchia are set to release a vinyl record on Cosmic Rhythm under the name Rydm Sectors, which is one of their many side projects. The music featured in ‘Who Is Who In The Underground?’ reveals a journey into the essence of oldschool house music. Various classy motifs have been redefined with rich sounds and textures, elevating the potential of each song and giving to them a joyful and radiant vibe.

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