Positive Conundrum ‘Positive Conundrum’

Artist: Positive Conundrum
Title: Positive Conundrum
Cat. #: CTRL016
Format: Digital
Release Date: December 2nd 2022
01. Positive Conundrum
02. Deep Fried Consciousness
03. Ode to my Heros
04. Wrangler Kiez Excursion
05. Zeon Ice Atmosphere
06. Yet Another Poison
07. Diamond Grinder
08. Angle of 13.42 Arc Minutes
09. Elegant Ebbing
10. 1 and a 2 Back to my Roots
11. Touch the Sky
12. Maximum Ellipticity
13. Atmo Roller
14. Morning Things Over

CMND CTRL is a techno label run by Florida based producer B. Riley that has featured contributions from Pfirter, Psyk, Gaetano Parisio, ORBE and Ray Kajioka.

Positive Conundrum is the new production alias from American artist Tim Xavier, who is now Berlin-based and also runs Manmade Mastering with over 20 years experience in the music industry.

Tim Xavier has featured tracks and remixes on influential record labels ranging from Ellen Allien’s BPitch to Slam’s Soma.

The album is a vigorous collection of underground techno, IDM, electro and beyond, showing his love for analogue techniques and dance floor appeal alongside the skill of a seasoned creator.

The self titled album has fourteen tracks that include “Positive Conundrum” with abstract percussion and experimental hook. “Deep Fried Consciousness” has a pulsing, underwater sound with tribal clinks. “Ode to my Heroes” is wrapped in jackin’ tension while “Wrangler Kiez Excursion” is a gritty synth workout. Fifth is “Zeon Ice Atmosphere” that has a brooding menace into “Yet Another Poison” a strong, strutting jam. “Diamond Grinder” is a freaky modular cut, “Angle of 13.42 Arc Minutes” has a quirky and cool theme and “Elegant Ebbing” opts for an electro soundscape. Track ten “1 and a 2 Back to my Roots” is a raw, hypnotic trip, “Touch the Sky” lifts up the gear with instant energy and Detroit style chords. “Maximum Ellipticity” adds a drama with its percussive flair, while “Atmo Roller” takes things down to a stripped back groove and closing with “Morning Things Over” that winds down into a space-out breakbeat.

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