Ratier ‘Ritual’

Artist: Ratier
Title: Ritual
Label: D-Edge Records
Cat. #: DEDGEREC061
Format: Digital
Release Date: 22.12.2023
01 Ratier – Aura
02 Ratier & L_cio – Mantra
03 Ratier – Cerimonia
04 Ratier – Ventre
05 Ratier – Dialeto
07 Ratier – Profeta
07 Ratier – Terra
08 Ratier – Jamila
09 Ratier – Sopro
10 Ratier – Abençoado
11 Ratier – Bamboo
12 Ratier – Ritual

Renato Ratier is establishing himself as one of the leaders of the South America’s house scene. While he’s involved in the music industry he’s also managing a few clubs, an agency and a clothing line, unleashing his creativity in many ways. After making many releases, remixes and singles, he’s going to make another album, getting another important musical path achievement. Before diving into the music of the 12 songs, the album cover is simple but effective: beyond the title it also recalls to the brand new Renato’s itinerant party project ‘Ritual’, which just debuted on December 9th. Ratier (as the artist called himself) brings to the audience a fresh and contemporary vision of Latin blends of house and tech house, well crafted with defined and round sounds, even moving into new and undiscovered ways to interpret this kind of electronic music.

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