Bersarin Quartett ‘Systeme’

Artist: Bersarin Quartett
Title: Systeme
Label: Denovali
Cat. #: DEN381
Format: Digital, CD, vinyl
Release Date: 15.12.2023
01 Gespenster
02 Exo
03 Licht
04 Für und Wider
05 Autopoesie
06 Signale
07 Firmamente
08 Illusionen
09 Nacht und Nebel
10 Neuronen
11 Macht
12 Liebe
13 Systeme
14 Relevanz

Thomas Bücker a.k.a. Bersarin Quartett gets a nice spot on the Denovali Records catalog with the album ‘Systeme’. Floating into the world of abstract sounds, the artist reveals through 14 songs a personal and reflective approach to the music, ensembling traditional instruments with enigmatic electronic styles such as drone and modern classical. These blends fuel the track themes with mystical and introspective states of mind: mentalism permeated everything Bersarin Quartett wrote.
In the mid of the tracklist ‘Neuronen’ reveals an unexpected instrumental, inspired by IDM, dubstep and downbeat sonorities. Such interesting is also ‘Relevanz’, that elevates the contrast between the arches and the distortion of a bass sound tail. Finally, the artist shifts into another experimentation with the title track, joining unexpectedly industrial and downtempo.

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