DJ Couza ‘The Couza EP’

Artist: DJ Couza
Title: The Couza EP
Label: Iron Rods Music
Format: Digital
Release Date: November 27th 2021
1. Angel (feat. Fako)
2. Usana Lwam (feat. Lulu)
3. There’s No Way (feat. Vic SA & Fako)
4. 7 PM
5. African Beer

DJ Couza’s self titled EP is another great expression of tribal and deep house visions from South African musicians. To be released soon on the renowed Iron Rods Music, the five tracks share a positive and sensual vibe because of a classy, bright and radiant sound. The motifs are strengthened with delicious vocals and researched synths, a sign of dedicatication and patience put into music production.

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