Dorian Gray, Potomac, Hypallage Project ‘Medusa EP’

Artist: Dorian Gray, Potomac, Hypallage Project
Title: Medusa EP
Label: Avant-Propos Records
Cat. # : AVPR02
Format: Vinyl & Digital
Release Date: 10th February 2020
Dorian Gray – The Ninth Gate
Dorian Gray – Magic Spell
Dorian Gray – The Medusa Nebula
Potomac – Industrial Junk in Muddy Waters
Hypallage Project – Cruise

Italy’s Dorian Gray joins up with Potomac and Hypallage Project to release five mesmeric techno cuts on their Avant-Propos Records imprint.

Following on from the inaugural release on Avant-Propos that picked up support from the likes of Laurent Garnier, Oceanic, Steve Bicknell, Jonas Kopp and many more, label bosses Hypallage Project and Potomac continue their journey where they delve into the atmospheric and hypnotizing realms of techno with undulating deepness. ‘Medusa’ EP sees the label bosses invite three tracks from Italian DJ and producer, Dorian Gray who’s music is influenced by astronomy, symbolism and ancient cultures offering an introspective journey that can be heard on labels such as Ascetic Limited, Illegal Alien Records, Informa Records, Edit Select Records, The Gods Planet and No Way Records to name a few.

Dorian Gray’s ‘The Ninth Gate’ kicks off the EP with angelic leads journeying underneath the deep, revolving percussion and gentle, fluttering synths before ‘Magic Spell’ keeps you enticed through stirring elements, dramatic choral pads and trippy soundscapes creating a mesmerising atmosphere throughout. Undulating euphoria, blissfully progressive modulations and entrancing moods keep the absorbing ambience flowing gracefully in ‘The Medusa Nebula’.

‘Industrial Junk in Muddy Waters’ from Potomac offers up chugging modulations, tripped-out grooves and otherworldly aesthetics floating above before Hypallage Project’s ‘Cruise’ rounds off the release by fusing cosmic brilliance, ethereal tones and hazy yet hypnotic feelings.