Unveiling Sonic Mastery: Drunk & Play’s Rise in the Electronic Music Scene

Rising from the vibrant and diverse landscape of Electronic Music, Drunk & Play presents a passionate and enthralling creative world that genre enthusiasts around the globe cannot help but pay attention to. As he cements himself on the scene, bringing his powerful signature sound and characteristically electrifying energy, Drunk & Play emerges as one the most exciting rising stars within Electronic Music: with hard-hitting productions and striking live performances, this talented Producer and DJ shines bright.

A project started in 2016 by Lúcio Merçon, Drunk & Play is a creative expression of passion and enthusiasm; the result of Lúcio Merçon’s years of experience on the dancefloor, Drunk & Play translates the adrenaline-fuelled vibes of live DJing into dynamic productions, consistently bringing energetic and unique sounds that never fail to surprise and impress listeners. With a signature style firmly rooted in Tech House, Drunk & Play has spent time curating a distinctive sonic identity, confidently pushing past creative norms to present an original and innovative approach to Electronic Music production. Characterised by his abundantly dynamic energy and unstoppable drive, Drunk & Play presents productions that consistently showcase his high-quality talents, immersing listeners in intricately detailed soundscapes and invigorating them with his infectiously groovy beats. His unmatched style has garnered the attention of genre heavyweights like Michael Bibi, Cloonee, Mochakk, and Paco Osuna, among others: support that affirms his skills as a Producer, recognising him as a talent to watch closely as he continues carving out his creative path.

Drunk & Play’s artistic prowess is not limited to the studio; when he takes to the stage, crowds unite in ecstatic motion, unified by the pulse-racing music coming from the decks. Throughout his career, Drunk & Play has travelled across Brazil, enlivening dancefloors with his seamlessly blended mixes and mighty DJing mastery: an experienced ability that has led him to enjoy several milestone achievements as a live DJ. Having shared the stage with top VIP names like Classmatic, Mochakk, Trallez and Gabe, to name a few, it is clear that Drunk & Play has an undeniable talent that position his name to rise to even higher heights within the Electronic Music realm as he continues to deliver unforgettable live shows.

In a genre that applauds innovation and originality, Drunk & Play appears at the forefront as an inspiring trailblazing force whose smash productions and powerful live performances are a welcome addition to the scene. With an ever-evolving sound, this talented Producer and DJ is certainly one to follow as he embarks on the next chapter of his exciting musical journey. So, stay tuned as it promises to be a remarkable adventure.

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