Gorgon City ‘Salvation’

Artist: Gorgon City
Title: Salvation
Label: EMI
Cat. #: EMIV2096, EMICD2096
Format: Digital, vinyl
Release Date: 21.07.2023
1. Wreckage (feat. Julia Church)
2. Voodoo
3. Heartless (feat. RAHH)
4. Pose (feat. NEZ)
5. Lost & Found (feat. DRAMA)
6. A Lot Like Heaven (feat. Julia Church)
7. City Of Angels (feat. Jelani Blackman)
8. Remember The Days (feat. Selah Sol)
9. Gasoline (feat. Santino Le Saint)
10. Should’ve Known

Buy link: https://gorgoncity.lnk.to/salvation

Gorgon City present their fourth ever released album, showing off true musical gems. This project run by Matt Robson-Scott and Kye Jules Gibbon seems unstoppable and ready to drop anytime exclusive tunes. ‘Salvation’ features a modern approach to electronic music, focusing on both dancefloor and emotive sides, going further stylistic boundaries; in fact the interweave of influences is wide and covers many derivates of house music. In eight of ten productions we can notice interesting vocalist names, highlighting the familiarity of Gorgon City to introduce vocals in their songs: thanks to these components the whole music moves near the people’s heart, gifting warmth and love. Gorgon City are living their best life and this album is a photography which catches as its best this moment.

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