Enzo Siragusa launches a solo event brand, E:DIMENSION

A solo venture to reconnect with the journey element of DJing through longer sets without musical limitation.

Kicking off in April with an all All Night Long at Printworks.
Two more revered UK spaces to be announced.


Enzo Siragusa has dedicated much of his career to creating immersive dance floor experiences delivered on high quality sound systems. His annual ‘All Night Long’ and ‘All Day Long’ events have become an essential in London to see Enzo air out a record collection that spans decades, boasting ambient, jungle, DnB, breaks, house, techno, minimal and beyond. These longer sets where Enzo can take audiences on a real journey have ignited his original love and passion for the art of DJing, and as we enter a new era of raving, Enzo is taking the reins to be able to express himself without limitation.

Enzo Siragusa – “E:DIMENSION is about reconnecting to the journey element of DJing, which I believe to be a fundamental part of the craft. It’s an opportunity for fans old and new to come on a journey with me where I can play with complete freedom and push my musical boundaries. When playing longer, journey type DJ sets it becomes transcendental, and a really special connection happens between the crowd and the DJ. A connection I want to explore further and more frequently because the experience blows me away every time, reminds me why I do what I do, and that I love DJing.” 

For the initial run of events, Enzo takes E:DIMENSION to some of the UKs most revered club spaces in the UK, kicking off with Printworks in London. Very few have hosted the Printworks Press Halls solo, and it’s the perfect space and city to open this new chapter of events.

Enzo Siragusa presents E:DIMENSION
Printworks, London
8pm – 4am
Enzo Siragusa All Night Long