SALTY NUTS Part 1 Cover

Fabe ‘Out Of A Change (LP)’

Artist: Fabe
Title: Out Of A Change (LP)
Label: Salty Nuts
Cat. #: SN012
Format: Vinyl (3x 12” Releas
Release Date: 6th August / 3rd September / 1st October 2021

Salty Nuts boss Fabe delivers his latest album ‘Out Of A Change’, a three-part project set to feature on the imprint across three 12” drops throughout late-summer and Autumn.

Having established himself as one of house and minimal’s most consistent and exciting names, Salty Nuts founder Fabe continues to showcase his talents as a multifaceted artist at the forefront of the scene. A regular across FUSE and INFUSE, with stand-out appearances on Cocoon, Up The Stuss, and Eastenderz to name a few, the Mannheim DJ, producer, and label boss continues to develop his unique and inimitable sound while showcasing his innate talent within both the studio and the booth. Having dropped his 2020 LP ‘Four Point Island’ on FUSE, late-Summer welcomes a long-awaited return to his own label Salty Nuts as he reveals his latest LP ‘Out Of A Change’ – a thirteen track project created across the past twelve months showcasing all nuances of his rich and diverse sound, set to drop in three parts on the bubbling imprint. The trio of releases will also be accompanied by three limited t-shirt drops, with each shirt offering an exclusive track via QR code in addition to the album’s thirteen core tracks.

“The album’s title is ‘Out Of A Change’, as all the musical processes I worked on during the pandemic were only possible because my life changed a lot. There was finally a chance to reflect, which would not have been possible without a break from traveling and playing shows. I had the opportunity to grow musically, and there was no pressure to create music that had to work in a club environment, so it was easy to work freely and follow the feeling I had every day when I woke up. 

In the end, it was the feeling of envisaging a positive vibe in hard times like now, preparing people for better times, giving them the energy to believe, and helping them out of this struggle we’ve all had to go through. It’s an album that will let people smile and dance at any moment of life. That’s what I feel when I listen to it.” – Fabe

Part 1 welcomes a bundle of bright, skipping productions perfect for late summer evenings and sun-soaked early hours as the Mannheim favourite quickly sets his stall. Welcoming the bubbling stabs and rolling bass of opener ‘161’, the four-track offering showcases a medley of infectious grooves throughout ‘No End In Sight’, hazy, winding melodies with ‘All You’, and classy house-tinged sonics via ‘Right Now & Always’.

Part 2 sees a rise in energy levels, with the German revealing four more cuts packed to the brim with quality. ‘Light Pink Bubblegum’ is a trademark Fabe cut combining up-tempo drum grooves alongside slinking basslines and resonant chords, while ‘Get Out To Paint’ and ‘From Top To Bottom’ both employ chunky bass and lush pads effortlessly. Title cut ‘Out Of Change’ once again showcases the ‘Fabe sound’ perfectly to close the B-side, fusing introspective melodies and heady drums with deep-lying, dancefloor-driven undertones.

Closing out the series, Part 3 showcases five silky cuts perfect for the club and beyond, easing into slightly darker, moodier moments while still interjecting flashes of brightness and radiance. ‘Who You’ welcomes a funk-fuelled lead track, while ‘Good Days Predominate’ and ‘Take Another Sound’ layer vocal iterations with slick, hypnotic melodies and sharp drum licks. ‘Doors Open’ fuses garage two-step patterns with sweeping hazy synths, before closing the show via the piano-led, jazz-laden, yet glitchy and off-kilter arrangements of final track ‘Back Of The Clouds’.

An LP packed with flavour and vigour, ‘Out Of A Change’ may welcome the German’s most complete musical project to date, showcasing yet another must-have drop from an artist who continues to shine as one of the scene’s finest.


Part 1 – 6th August 2021
1) 161
​​​​​​2) ​No End In Sight
3) All You
4) Right Now & Always

Part 2 – 3rd September 2021
1) Light Pink Bubblegum
2) Get Out To Paint
3) From Top To Bottom
4) Out Of A Change

Part 3 – 1st October 2021
1) Who You
2) Good Days Predominate
3) Take Another Sound
4) Doors Open
5) Back Of The Clouds