KISLO ‘Heirlooms’

Artist: KISLO
Title: Heirlooms
Label: Future Classic
Cat. #: FCL543
Format: Digital
Release Date: November 18th 2022
1. Heirloom
2. I Don’t Mind (feat. bailey)
3. Fear [Edit] 4. Echo
5. Nova
6. Who Are You
I Don’t Mind (Instrumental)

UK producer KISLO delivers debut EP Heirlooms. KISLO says; “Heirlooms is inspired by my musical, creative and personal experiences. I want to provide a ’tasting session’ for listeners – each track is a memoir coloured by sound and visual art. I grew up travelling widely and listening to a range of electronic acts, from Faithless to BICEP, Moby to Rufus Du Sol, all which I’ve ended up absorbing influence from. Each of these ‘heirlooms’ are my own, but the focus for each song was the emotion I was feeling at the time, and what came out in that moment. I hope it resonates in a similar way for listeners.”

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