Unknown Artist ‘Grau2’

Artist: Unknown Artist
Title: Grau2
Label: Freund Der Familie
Format: 2 x 10″ vinyl
Release Date: October 2021
1. Margin
2. Scope
3. Limbic
4. Utils

Freund Der Familie’s imprint is set to publish the second Grau series release, that’s a 2 x 10″ marbled vinyl with four dub techno inspired productions. Even if the producer is unknown, and it’s difficult to recognize the style base, the sonorities shared with these tracks are advanced and peculiar, showing a deep interest for this particular techno school. ‘Margin’ and ‘Limbic’ seem more oriented to the dancefloor with four to the floor rhythms and intense sonorities, the reverbs and delays are embracing and and let you dive into the sea of dub. ‘Scope’ and ‘Utils’ go more into experimentation with alternative drum loops and synth combinations that has more to do with chilled listening environments.

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