Achim Maerz ‘Relief’

Artist: Achim Maerz
Title: Relief
Label: Freund Der Familie
Cat. #: FDFLP04
Format: Digital
Release Date: August 1st 2022 (vinyl), September 1st 2022 (digital)
1. Gondolier
2. Black Hole
3. Dream
4. Changing Weather
5. Open Sky
6. Memories
7. Relief
8. On The Way
9. Odysee

pre order link: https://freundderfamilie.bandcamp.com/album/achim-maerz-relief

Achim Maerz appeared for the first time in Freund Der Familie in far 2010 with the EP ‘Channel 04’. After ten years from that publication he gets released on the same label with the album ‘Relief’, available on digital format and also on two great marbled vinyls. The whole sound detaches from ‘Channel 04’ and seems to be more explorative, wide and open to many styles, mainly ranging into a mixture of tech house and deep house. The tracklist allows the introduction of non dancefloor oriented productions like ‘Gondolier’, ‘Dream’ and ‘Relief’, allowing an ample sound spectrum. In the overall ‘Relief’ pulls together organic compositions with introspective motifs with introspective motifs and a satisfying story telling nature.

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