Garnee ‘ImPerfection’

Artist: Garnee
Title: ImPerfection
Label: Traum
Cat. #: Traum V281
Release Date: 21st April 2023
1. ImPerfection
2. Morning Dance
3. I Wan’t Ya

Garnee’s debut on TRAUM!

Garnee is a new name in the electronic scene but the actual person behind the moniker has had a career full of releases already in the world of music production. He actually managed to write a no 1 hit in the British charts with his club version “Love Machine” by Supermax in 1989 and was a producer in demand. He was involved in the Frankfurt techno scene in the early 90ies and 2000 producing his music in the same production house as Sven Väth, Pascal F.E.O.S, Mark Spoon and others. Now he is back with what is his own private Idaho of contemporary electronic music with his new name Garneee.

Experience his 3-track “ImPerfection” EP which highlights his skilled thought out technique of producing top notch minimalistic melodic techno.

The EP kicks off with the track “ImPerfection”. A track that celebrates the deepest chords on earth and needless to say you can find here fantastic spacious reverbs that expend time and create a perfect comfort zone in a bubble. Definitely an easy one to loose yourself in. Deep rooted house music at its best.

To call “Morning Dance” a true 303 track could be misleading. The funky 303 baseline delivers a key element but there is more to this track as it progresses. The sense of deepness is expressed here as well and becomes a core subject of the track. “Morning Dance” is a perfect monotone hypnotic sunset track, steady going with a small intermezzi.

“I Wan’t Ya” is the closing track of the EP featuring a funky rhythm monster loaded with different parameters that keep a nervous energy throughout the track that keeps your feet in motion. The most minimalist track of this EP for sure.