Mixmag Presents Giorgia Angiuli live from Monopoli, Italy – May 13th 2021

“Giorgia Angiuli live from Monopoli, Italy | Turning The Dawn” (presented by Mixmag and produced by PhEST – international festival of photography and arts and the Municipality of Monopoli)

This drops just before her new collaboration with Lithuanian artist Gardens of God titled “Love The Noise”, out on her United imprint on May 14th.

Giorgia Angiuli is not only a classically trained musician, electronic producer and international live act, who has toured the world’s most prestigious music festivals, but a passionate advocate for her South Italian home town, Monopoli. To share its spectacular beauty with the wider world, on May 13th at 1900 CET, she will play a live set from this ‘little rock in the sea, at dawn.’ The whole region, Apulia, is famous for the intensity of the sun and ‘the stories written by the sea’ under its light.

Giorgia employs unique toy instruments and synthesizers to move fluidly between indie and melodic techno, as her voice creates a dreamy dimension. So there is the sound: the place: the time, dawn, symbol of hope: and the perfect partner, PhHEST, the international festival of photography and arts which since 2016 has enhanced Monopoli with fabulous colour.

PhHEST showcases photography, cinema, music, art, and multimedia collaborations from the Mediterranean, so this livestream also heralds their post-pandemic revival this summer (Aug.6th – Nov. 1st 2021).

Monopoli has become a tourist magnet, but to Giorgia, who grew up with her mother’s photos of her own 60’s summers in the city, this livestream is a tribute to her mother’s memory as well as a celebration of her town.

Don’t miss this unique show and watch it here:
On 13th May at 19.00 (CET)