Giorgia Angiuli ‘Quantum Love’

Artist: Giorgia Angiuli
Title: Quantum Love
Label: United
Release Date: 26-11

Giorgia Angiuli’s 13 track album ‘Quantum Love’ on her UNITED label combines and contrasts fast, insistent dance beats with her signature melodic synths and dreamy lyrics; ‘an eclectic work including piano downtempo tracks and techno melodic tracks with ethereal vocals’ (Angiuli). The multi-talented live artist/DJ/producer/vocalist/lyricist and studio-building tech wizard used lockdown as a creative nexus. Einstein’s ‘Imagination is more important than knowledge’ led her to explore quantum physics, while her first India tour inspired ongoing interest in sound meditation and philosophy, culminating in the LP.

‘Quantum Love’ has many moods and speeds; physics and philosophy, contemplative and full-on fast, sweet vocals, meaningful lyrics or purely instrumental, it’s all there. First single ‘Hanuman’ adds 80s Moroderesque juddering Moog-style bass and Simple Minds-alike string chords to a melody composed in a Goa hotel on a digital sitar and inspired by the playful Hindu monkey god of the winds, Hanuman… it all comes together as a stonking fast dance track with a spiritual dimension to bliss out the mind while the body is going bananas on the dancefloor.

For lyrical heft and more, one could single out the hypnotic ‘Nevermind’ with its AutoTuned layered vocals and chorus of strings (‘look at the wind blow, let it go, let it flow’). Or ‘Renew’, a dreamy reverie reclining on a pulsing synth riff (‘you can renew every day’), or ‘Tears of Bliss’, a lively driving beat, strong and assertive with lyrics to the fore (‘teach me how to cry and love my tears’).

While ‘Hidden Miracles’, the opening track, brings pure and plangent piano melody like playful footsteps seeking a path, ‘Dirac Equation’ celebrates Dirac’s harmonising of quantum theory with Einstein’s special relativity with a wild dance-fest of pounding beat and percussion reminiscent of Darude, plus piano arpeggios and a sci-fi synth melody.

Elsewhere, ‘Break Down the Walls’ calls us to ‘let yourself get involved’ to deep throbbing drums, while ‘My Heart Takes Me’ and ‘Rainbow Island’ up the dance pace with sustained vocal notes in the former, muffled horn melody in the latter, while ‘I Want I Will’s gentle lyrics float above synths quivering like mothwings.

’Quantum Love’ is my inner soundtrack to my recent transformation, summarized in the following sentences: we are made of energy, everything is vibration. We are each our own placebo, happiness can be a choice, we have all the elements inside us for the right path. Nature can teach us everything.’ (GiorgiaAngiuli)

The artwork has also been beautifully created by renowned artist/animator/illustrator Nicoletta Ceccoli who produced the art for her last album, bringing her talent and dreamlike details to the project.

Track List:

  1. Hidden Miracles
  2. Breakdown The Walls
  3. Hanuman
  4. My Heart Takes Me
  5. I Want I Will
  6. Renew – Single 2
  7. Do Not Disturb
  8. Tears Of Bliss
  9. Dirac Equation
  10. Alien Hug
  11. Rainbow Island
  12. Nevermind
  13. Hidden Miracles (Binaural Mix)