Groove Boys Project ‘Something Special EP’

Artist: Groove Boys Project
Title: Something Special EP
Label: Amsem Records
Cat. #: AMSEM010
Format: Digital
Release Date: 18th June 2021(EP) / 28th May 2021 (New York Is On My Mind)

  1. Something Special
  2. New York Always On My Mind feat. Lucas Piette
  3. The Last Tenor Riff feat. Rawaï (After Hour Djoon Mix)
  4. Missing Lagos Memories
  5. From Saturne To Planete Keraw

Paris-based duo Groove Boys Project deliver their first material on Amsem Records this June as they release their latest EP, ‘Something Special’.

Longstanding members of the Amsem family, exciting Paris-based duo Boyzi and Lucas Moinet, aka Groove Boys Project, are two-rising DJs, producers, and live artists with a deep-lying love of US house music. Having featured across the collective’s line-ups within the city for several years, June now welcomes their first material on the label as they release their eclectic five-track ‘Something Special’ EP.

‘Cooked in their beautiful Parisian Studio 937, the five tracks off their ‘Something Special’ EP feel like a perfect introduction to those who haven’t had the chance to experience their soulful and passionate live shows. This record will take you on an ecstatic journey from Chicago to Paris, from peak-time classic house to deeper, early-morning cuts, bringing in their friends, and collaborators Lucas Piette and Rawaï along the trip, culminating in an epic drum & bass number that should set many dancefloors ablaze.’ – Amsem Records

Title track ‘Something Special’ welcomes a delightful slice of house music as the pairing work slick organic drums beneath rich keys and infectious vocals, whilst ‘New York Always On My Mind’ welcomes a deep, winding journey through scintillating saxophone solos, resonant stabs and sweeping melodies alongside Lucas Piette.

Next up, ‘The Last Tenor Riff (After Hour Djoon Mix) featuring collaborator Rawaï takes influences from legendary Parisian institution Djoon, welcoming bumping basslines, swinging dusty drums, and funk-fuelled grooves guided by powerful vocal interjections. ‘Missing Lagos Memories’ introduces a winding trip through jazzy spheres and spacey chords to unveil an intoxicating early morning mood, before switching things up and throwing a curveball into the mix as they welcome the skittering soulful tones of stand-out D&B cut ‘From Saturne To Planete Keraw’.