Hanzo & Yaman ‘Apinya Colada’

Artist: Hanzo & Yaman
Title: Apinya Colada
Remixer: Marc Piñol, Cornelius Doctor
Label: Playground Records
Cat. #: PGR027
Release date: 23/06/2020

A new release from Playground Records is here. This time, a compact Ep packed with organic sounds and mystical vibes from the Austrian duo Hanzo & Yaman, delivering 3 originals accompanied by 2 classy remixes by Marc Piñol and Cornelius Doctor.

‘Apinya Colada’ is the track which gives its name to this reference and is which opens it. Mysterious pads alongside groovy percussions introduce us to a deep bassline. Some voices come from far away. The mantra begins. Weird sounds plays togethers and gives to the track a sensation of fresh air. A sad guitar say goodbye in the middle of the trance. Now we’re in peace.

‘Francisco’ is the rebel cousin of this family. A naughty guy who needs to take your attention all the time. He never comes even though you call him all the time. He loves the rough percussions. The brazen Francisco invites us to the dance. You can never say him no.

The original package ends with ‘The Path’. A magic end for this fantastic journey. Whispers and laughs are crossed by an incisive guitar. They’re fighting each others trying to convince us, some claims us to stay there and other ones beg us to stay away. The confusion becomes diffuse when you give yourself to dance.

Cornelius Doctor makes his appearance to join to ‘Francisco’s ranks and turn him to the dark side. A strong bassline guides us to an acid drop. The snare beats hard. The shadows are arrived. They ready to kill the dancefloor.

The great Marc Piñol closes this release bringing peace and flow with his remix of ‘The Path’. Whistling melodies that melt into flying pads. The groove goes on, clapping and pumping strange sounds. An elegantly minimalist healing trance.