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Hazmat Live ‘Deeper Work’

Artist: Hazmat Live
Title: Deeper Work
Label: Deep Sequence Records
Format: Digital
Release Date: 23.02.2024
1. Green Snow
2. The Swordsmith
3. My Methodz (What I do)
4. Deeper Work

Walter Howard a.k.a. Hazmat Live shares his forthcoming ‘Deeper Work’ under Deep Sequence Records, featuring a set of four interesting songs. This EP vividly represents the culmination of a work that represents a milestone in his career, exploiting his strengths and delivering an interesting EP to the house panorama, formulating promptly a recipe for success which culminates in a delicious deep house ensemble.

“This Ep is A true piece of my soul!! I want you to come on a journey into further reaches and dance in the star dust with me.” Hazmat Live

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