oliveyolive ‘Life Of Colour’

Artist: oliveyolive
Title: Life Of Colour
Label: Hidden Hill Records
Cat. #: HHR005
Format: Digital
Release Date: May 13th 2022
1. newton’s theory (intro)
2. epiphany
3. friends in secre
4. before i die
5. faith
6. blueprint
7. static visions interlude
8. euphoria
9. growing pains
10. keep my spirit pure
11. futura
12. garcon dreams
13. life of colour (outro)

‘Life Of Colour’ is the debut album of oliveyolive, an artist based in Ireland who’s ready to share to the audience this organic 13 track selection. For who’s really into contemporary pop music, it will be easy to notice a relevant hip hop / trap influence introduced in all the vocals, even if the instrumentals are basically house, deep house or broken beat. The whole result is captivating and proposes another way to interpet the continuous mixture between electronic music styles. In the album release date will happen also a visual arts exhibition, featuring artists such as Frenchie Stardust, Atmos, Lena Thomas, Ayesha Ahmad, Grace Elizabeth Cullen, Darya Tiff and oliveyolive.

Exhibition event: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/life-of-colour-visual-exhibition-tickets-334773134457

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