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Hipp-E ‘More To Come EP’

Artist: Hipp-E
Title: More To Come EP
Label: Gabu Records
Release Date: – Friday, October 14 2022
1. Lotta Love
2. In The Mornin
3. More To Come

1. More to Come : Party vibe with deep feels, and the bass line pulls you into the groove, title track for the ep

2. In the mornin : Paying respect to the NY house sound, this one is a classic house tune. Timeless and ready for peak time or sunny beach vibe.

3. Lotta Love: If you’re familiar with Hipp-E’s Early work this takes you right back to that time, solid grooves and deep vibes.

Hipp-E joins Gabu Records for his latest EP “More To Come”. This tour du force of deepness is a three-tracker with his usual flair.

This package of classic House music mixes a sunny late-summer swing with more solid NY grooves. Each track offers something a little different, making the package more than the sum of its parts.

Releasing on Gabu Records this October 2022. Don’t Sleep.