TnT024 Cover

Hoj ‘You Are A Wonder EP’

Artist: Hoj
Title: You Are A Wonder EP
Label: Tale + Tone
Cat. #: TnT024
Release Date: 14th August 2020
1. Sweet Verse
2. You Are a Wonder
3. Feel That
4. Awake My Soul
5. You Are A Wonder (Newman (I Love) remix)

Hoj drops the ‘You Are A Wonder’ EP on his and Lee Burridge’s Tale + Tone imprint this August.

The EP, which takes in 5 tracks of groove driven, melodic house from the Iranian-born, California-based DJ is Hoj’s full EP debut for the imprint. He started Tale + Tone with Burridge in 2017, after forging a friendship through his residency for the British DJ’s All Day I Dream parties. This release is essentially a love letter to the dance music community, to all the friends, dancefloor family and supporters that have made things so special for Hoj over the years, and are now so sorely missed in the current times. Across the EP live drum samples and smooth basslines create a warm, cosseting bedrock for Hoj’s clear love of spaced out, ethereal atmospherics and leads that drift from organic to synthetic and back seamlessly.

Whether it’s the spaced out funk of opener ’Sweet Verse’, the fluttering, heady vibes of the title track or ‘Feel that’, or the subtle ebb and flow of ‘Awake My Soul’, ‘You Are A Wonder’ sees Hoj striking the perfect balance between dancefloor heft and engaging musicality. Closing out the EP, fellow All Day I Dream artist Newman turns in an undulating, epic interpretation of ‘You Are Wonder’.