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Holldën ‘Malpractice EP’

Artist: Holldën
Title: Malpractice EP
Label: Second State
Cat. #: SNDST097
Release Date: 5-11-2021

  1. Slacker
  2. Physical Provider
  3. Dandelion Mine
  4. Garotte

Portuguese producer Holldën returns to Second State with “Malpractice” EP, a dynamic and texturized 4 track record.

Kuiper Noise founder Holldën presents “Malpractice” EP on Second State. The Portuguese export delivers a whirlwind of crunching, evocative techno with this record, following his stand-out contribution to the label’s most recent VA compilation with track “Myosotis”.

Launching the record with breakneck speed is “Slacker”. This chaotic high energy opener employs furious precision with relentless cymbals and snare drums. The hectic mood that’s created delves deep with a pummeling kick drum and a dense, malevolent baseline. Synth keys sway and push from one minor key to another, building a deep and dark energy.

Next up is “Physical Provider”, a track that continues with the same level of energy and gusto as its predecessor. A heavily distorted vocal sample that is pushed beyond any discernible recognition plays a vital rhythmic role, intertwined with the kick drum and hi-hat combination. Slowly, a devilish baseline is drawn in, adding even more weight. Melodic keys jolt between the percussion and fall gracefully into the arms of the long, yearning major notes towards the close.

Following is the atmospheric cut “Dandelion Mine”. Endlessly deep sonics greet us from the jump, swirling nimbly around the thumping kick drum and off-kilter synth notes, that make this an ultimate techno roller. Razor sharp cymbals ring out and send you into a frenzy amongst the snares drum and a jet black baseline. A brief moment of serenity is found when the percussion is stripped away, but is soon lost as the full weight of the track is brought down upon you again.

Closing out proceedings is “Garrote”, with off-center, minor keys, it is as perfectly unusual as it is effective. The percussion leaves nothing to the imagination as the full force of Holldën’s production is brought out on show. Explosive kick drums, hi-hats, and snare drums drive you on, while pairing effortlessly with the trippy melody. A deep baseline brings with it an unnerving anxious feeling that calls you to the dance.