Kameliia, Decoder ‘AMTK+003’

Artist: Kameliia, Decoder
Title: AMTK+003
Label: Amotik
Cat. #: AMTKPLUS003
Format: Vinyl, Digital
Release Date: 1st September 2023
A1 – Kameliia – Beyond
A2 – Kameliia – 8-12
B1 – Decoder – Kalpavriksha
B2 – Decoder – Swayambhu
B3 – Decoder – Velinattu

Amotik recruits Norway’s Kameliia and Dallas-based Decoder for the third split EP on his increasingly essential AMTK+ label.

Kameliia’s hypnotic and atmospheric music has appeared on the likes of Overbalance and Unterwegs, where she has previously flexed her sophisticated take on sound design and heady soundscapes with driving and physical grooves. Decoder recently started his new Toca label with Jay York and has previously appeared on labels like Subsist, Float and JeffMills‘ legendary Axis.

Kameliia kicks off with the heavy and thumping ‘Beyond’, combining forceful drums and a slow, mystical synth lead that encourages you to follow it deep into the night. ‘8-12’ is another perfect fusion of the head and body with supple percussion smeared with balmy and cosmic chords for a classy and immersive cut.

Decoder opens the B-side with ‘Kalpavriksha’, a twitchy and paranoid cut laced with bleeps and pulses, crafting a futuristic soundscape that grows ever more intense. ‘Swayambhu’ brings experimental shades with its tightly interlaced drums and synths beneath an unsettling synth line that whistles like a storm. Closing the release is the excellent ‘Velinattu,’ a buoyant track that’s warm and full of delicate percussive layers.