Ke Thu ‘Branches EP’

Artist: Ke Thu
Title: Branches EP
Label: Detroit Underground
Cat. #: DBOY22
01. Birdsong
02. Branches
03. It’s Gunna Rain Soon

Ke Thu is back with ‘Branches’, a strong 3 tracker with epic atmospheres for their 3rd EP with Detroit Underground.

The title track surrounds you with beautiful layered chords while the absence of the beat leaves you in suspense throughout the 8 minutes of hazey bliss. ‘ItsGunnaRainSoon’ is another deep journey into the abyss with long delayed echoes that are sure to entrance you.
Lastly, ‘Birdsong’ ends the EP with a dreamlike exploration into the netherworld.

The overall production and depth in this EP is soothing and euphoric. If these do not hypnotize you into a subconscious realm, nothing will.