PACK SHOT Ken Ishii & M.R.E.U.X. - Secret World - Blumoog Music

Ken Ishii & M.R.E.U.X. ‘Secret World EP’

Artist: Ken Ishii & M.R.E.U.X.
Title: Secret World EP
Label: Blumoog Music
Cat. #: BLUG16
Format: Digital, vinyl
Release Date: 10th June 2022
01 Magic Button – M.R.E.U.X
02 Fokus – M.R.E.U.X
03 Metal Spikes – Ken Ishii

Two key artists Ken Ishii and M.R.E.U.X come together for a split EP that features three powerful cuts with infernal rhythms and tense grooves designed to make their mark on the dance floor.

Italian M.R.E.U.X. is the Blumoog label boss with a pounding and original take on techno. He last appeared here many times, including on an EP with the legend that is Terrence Dixon and is known for his inventive and reliably big sounds with real reverence for the authentic early originators. Japanese DJ Ken Ishii has long been a vital part of the global underground. His Detroit-inspired techno is slick and futuristic and comes on the most influential labels around.

M.R.E.U.X.’s stylish ‘Magic Button’ is a percussive and psychedelic workout. It’s built from well-constructed loops of drums, synth and percussion. It’s dark and menacing and draws you deep into an eerie cosmic world. The excellent ‘Fokus’ is a modern and refined sound. The drums and bass weave tightly around one another and synths peel off the top. As the intensity grows, hi-hats get bigger and the whole track washes over you into powerful techno waves.

Then comes Ishii’s ‘Metal Spikes’, an unrelenting and head-wrecking cut with lithe and spangled synth loops repeating over the glitchy techno beats. It’s a track that will work any dance floor into a frenzy with its corrupted digital melodies and irresistible rhythmic refrain.

These are three well-designed and perfectly execute techno weapons from two of the best in the business.