Lake Turner ‘Videosphere’

Artist: Lake Turner
Title: Videosphere
Label: Kompakt Records
Cat: kom424
Format: Digital
Release Date: October 24th 2020
1 The Sunbird
2 No Way Back Forever
3 Outland
4 Honeycomb
5 Videosphere
6 Matthias
7 Hunter’s Ballad
8 Love 95
9 1990 – Edit

Pre order link: https://kompakt.fm/releases/videosphere

Andrew Halford a.k.a. Lake Turner debuts on Kompakt with the album ‘Videosphere’, a special 9 track bundle that shares an ethereal and dreamy vision of house and its derivates.
The sense of freedom shared in these songs allures the listener into the music scenario created by the artist, moreover the track durations are short: this thing lets to addensate the various parts, patterns and rhythms into sound themes that goes straight to the point, without loosing their vibe and potential.

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‘Videosphere”s official video: