Paul Sawyer ’30 Years A DJ’

Artist: Paul Sawyer
Title: 30 Years A DJ
Label: Krafted Underground
Cat. #: KUC001
Format: Digital
Release Date: February 17th 2023
01. Paul Sawyer – Stay Around [PREVIOUSLY UNRELEASED] 02. Paul Sawyer – Zeus (Tripswitch remix)
03. Paul Sawyer & Sunscreem – Perfect Motion
04. Paul Sawyer – Nemesis (Nick Muir remix)
05. Paul Sawyer – Quora
06. GuyRo – Midnight on the Damavand (Paul Sawyer remix)
07. Valleraphon – Shine (Paul Sawyer remix)
08. Paul Sawyer – Hermes (Black 8 remix)
09. Blue Amazon – And Then The Rain Falls (Paul Sawyer remix)
10. Paul Sawyer & Jan Johnston – One Step Beyond
11. Paul Sawyer – Endless Path [PREVIOUSLY UNRELEASED] 12. Paul Sawyer – Meridian
13. Lostly – Forever feat. Katherine Amy (Paul Sawyer remix)
14. Paul Sawyer, Danny Stubbs & Susie Ledge – Reverie
15. Solarstone – I Want You Here feat. Thea Riley (Paul Sawyer remix)
16. Paul Oakenfold – Monster In Me (Paul Sawyer Remix) [PREVIOUSLY UNRELEASED] 17. Darkersound – Falling Down feat. ALNA (Paul Sawyer remix)
18. Paul Sawyer – Grand Central
19. Stormshaker feat. Stephen Biddle – Life (Paul Sawyer remix)
20. Paul Sawyer – Riotous
21. Paul Sawyer – Cacus
22. Paul Sawyer – Neptune
23. William Medagli, Thallulah & Shemsu – Solar Warden (Paul Sawyer remix)
24. Paul Sawyer – Textured Dream
25. Paul Sawyer – Reign
26. Paul Sawyer – The Wave feat. Laura Welle
27. Paul Sawyer – Burning feat. Laura Welle (ZOYA remix)
28. Paul Sawyer & Damien Spencer – Where Do We Go
29. Paul Sawyer – Hercules
30. Paul Sawyer & Ana be – Waiting All My Life (08 Pulse cinematic remix)

Pre order link: https://www.beatport.com/release/paul-sawyer-30-years-a-dj/3941327

At Krafted Underground’s there’s happening a great celebration: Paul Sawyer lauds 30 years of dedication to electronic music, a long period of time on which he got involved in deejaying (on both party and radio stations), producing music and of course managing a large catalogue of releases through the labels he diligently led month after month. Through this anniversary release he shares a great bunch of productions made during the years, inside we can found three unreleased makings that will for sure delight the ears of nostalgic and lovers of progressive house.

“It’s amazing to think that 30 years has passed since the first year of Djing professionally. I’ve seen so many changes over those three decades, but my passion for the music has never changed. Most recently I’ve managed to land two 6 month residencies on BBC Radio 1, which was just something that I never would have thought would happen when I started all this.”

“The album contains music from my label and also from some of the labels that I have been releasing with, as well as new material and an exclusive remix for Paul Oakenfold that he kindly gave permission to be included.” Paul Sawyer

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