Fred P & Cassy ‘Château Dance’

Artist: Fred P & Cassy
Title: Château Dance
Label: Kwench Records
Cat. #: KW035
Format: Digital, vinyl
Release Date: 08.03.2024
1. Château Dance
2. Château Dance (Steve Rachmad Remix 1)
3. Château Dance (Steve Rachmad Remix 2)

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Kwench Records will host soon on its catalog a well crafted release: Cassy in her role as label manager meets Fred P (a.k.a. Black Jazz Consortium) for the creation of ‘Château Dance’, featuring the original and two interpretations made by Steve Rachmad. Starting from the main theme, the whole sound is infused into a classy and cloudy deep house: reverbs have been hugely adopted on both vocals and piano melodies, which melt perfectly with the phat drums, creating a luscious and welcoming ambiance. Follows the first interpretation made by Mr. Rachmad, who opts for an essential approach to the instrumental: the drum loop doesn’t expand so much in the sound spectrum, while the synth/melody part is defined and plays a central role in the playback. Finally, Steve’s remix n. 2 detaches from the original vibes, being virtuosic and moving into an abstract and tribal inspired style. ‘Château Dance’ will be available on both digital and vinyl formats from March 8th.

I’m so proud of this release. We’re all close in an artistic way – sonically, it works so well. With timing, it’s been the perfect storm,” Cassy enthuses. “Fred and I have wanted to collaborate for years. We took our time with the record, especially with the mixing process – we wanted it to sound quite unlike anything we’ve put out separately. It’s bombastic goodness. Steve’s brought two incredible rerubs – the first one is stripped back, more in keeping in with the original’s groove. I was at Amsterdam airport when I first listened to the second remix, hearing more of his techno influences. I was actually moved to tears. It’s stunning.”

“I’m grateful for the opportunity to collaborate with Cassy and continue the narrative that we’ve been developing on Kwench. The sound speaks to what I love most about dance music and what it can be, with amazing people working together in service to  the music. I hope everyone enjoys this EP and finds the possibilities that suit their personal fantasy.” – Fred P

“On remix 1, my goal was to highlight the beautifully played piano solo by Fred P. I added some minor percussion – a saxophone and some marimba on top because it felt like it fitted really well. On mix 2, I was just fiddling around with some loops and sounds, and at some point it all locked in and magic happened. It was a great pleasure to work on this project and show a bit of a different side of myself.”Steve Rachmad

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