IV-IN ‘So Many Nights’

Artist: IV-IN
Title: So Many Nights
Label: Leveldva
Cat. #: ld067
Format: Digital
Release Date: 23.03.2023
1. The Moon Is Rising
2. Crawling On My Knees
3. Run To The River
4. Save Us
5. Insane

Buy link: https://www.beatport.com/release/so-many-nights/4041268

Leveldva is an organic house record label run by George Topuridze and Geju who also head up the international events series of the same name. Its roster features music by people ranging from Acid Pauli to Just Emma and the label’s new release is an EP by IV-IN.

IV-IN is a talented producer and vocalist who blends haunting, melancholic lyrics with organic percussion and enchanted melodies to create tracks that are both soothing and psychedelic.

This is IV-IN’s debut release on Leveldva, but he has previously featured on other scene-leading record labels such as Cafe De Anatolia, Underyourskin Records, Magician On Duty and The Gardens of Babylon. He is also a talented DJ who is well-known within his local club scene in Romania.

This five-track release has storytelling qualities that give it the feel of a mini album.

“The Moon is Rising” is a low-slung track with looped guitar chords and mesmerising vocals that create a laidback vibe underpinned by stripped back percussion.

“Crawling on My Knees” has a pulsating bassline and poignant piano chords that lay a foundation for love sick vocals layered with the muffled sound of shuffling percussion.

“Run to the River” is another minimalistic cut with trippy vocals and the distorted sound of sleazy guitar chords that add to the track’s dark and moody atmosphere.

“Save Us” has an ominous bassline and acid synth line that sets the tone for the eerie vocals and grungy guitar chords that flow over the thump of the kick drum.

“Insane” is an atmospheric track that layers sparse percussion with lo-fi trumpets and a delicate guitar to create a spooky soundscape on which the ghostly vocals are nestled.

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