Leeu ‘Dream Control Day EP’

Artist: Leeu
Title: Dream Control Day EP
Label: Les Perles du bord de l’eau
Cat. #: perloo005
Release D
ate 24 January 2022

The next release, scheduled for 24 January 2022, is the result of a long artistic reflection based on the dreams of Alexander Coetzee, alias LEEU, DJ and producer from Johannesburg, South Africa.

The Dream Control album is an introspective musical masterpiece about the universal mystery that every human being lives through, their dreams. To those moments when you cannot decide if it is infact a dream or reality and the freedom one feels when lucid dreaming. Divided into 3 chapters, this album approaches by a first EP the paradoxical dream, then by second EP the waking dream and finally by a complete reading through an album to be released on March 1, 2022.

For this 2nd chapter, LEEU was surrounded by artists from South Africa including Lemonella, a poetess with a melancholy and acidulous tone, and Eric Volta, a multiinstrumentalist & producer from Berlin.

This album will be the subject of a double album vinyl release and a summer live tour in Europe in 2022 !