Pole Folder, Aethon, Jinadu ‘The Great Beyond’

Artist: Pole Folder, Aethon, Jinadu
Title: The Great Beyond
Label: Labyrinth Music
Remixer: Fur Coat, Armonica
Cat: LM013
Release Date: September 27th, 2021
The Great Beyond
The Great Beyond (Fur Coat Remix)
The Great Beyond (Armonica Remix)
The Great Beyond (Instrumental Mix)
The Great Beyond (Ambient Mix)
The Great Beyond (Radio Edit)

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To follow on Labyrinth Music a six hand collaboration titled ‘The Great Beyond’. The theme of the original falls into the wide progressive house field, with a particular attention given to the emotional arousness of the track. Pole Folder, Aethon and Jinadu opt to introduce a vocal too, a frontal aspect that greatly contributes to increase the music potential: Even if the original seems unbeatable Armonica and Fur Coat accept the challenge to give their contribute with two remixes. Armonica discovers a less is more musical intepretation while Fur Coat keeps the solidity of the main mix using a slightly more traditional sound setup.

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