Cabarza, Pete Zorba & Friends ‘Different Stories’

Artist: Cabarza, Pete Zorba & Friends
Title: Different Stories
Label: Late Night Stories
Cat. #: LNS001
Format: Digital
Release Date: July 1st, 2022
1) Cabarza & Pete Zorba – Ninety Degrees
2) Cabarza, Pete Zorba & Pablo:Rita – Different Story
3) Cabarza & Pete Zorba – Free At Last
4) Cabarza, Pete Zorba & Emilie Rachel – How Do You Like to Sin?
5) Cabarza, Pete Zorba & Eluize – Illuminated
6) Cabarza, Pete Zorba & Martha Pryer – Where Did You Go?
7) Cabarza, Pete Zorba & Neil Marra – Hallelujah
8) Cabarza & Pete Zorba – We Do Things Differently Here
9) Cabarza, Pete Zorba & Annabelle Lee – Find My Way
10) Cabarza, Pete Zorba & Pablo:Rita – Different Story (Club Mix)

Pre order link: https://www.beatport.com/release/different-stories/3736515

Legacy album of two UK producers: Cabarza and Pete Zorba (Kaluki Musik – who passed to a better life in the beginning of 2021) had in queue a great number of interesting tech house productions, built in the studio with many other contemporary artists. The track selection will see the light in this summer for the first time, carrying a wave of freshness and catchiness. It seems like the aim of this music is to go over any boundaries, fetching everything good from dancefloor influences and from the joyful music experimentation.

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