Toolroom founder Mark Knight wins 2024 EMDA Icon Award in Miami

Renowned DJ and house music producer Mark Knight has won the coveted Icon Award at the 2024 Electronic Dance Music Awards.

It’s a well-deserved win for Knight, a tried-and-true trailblazer whose record label, Toolroom, has deeply influenced the dance music industry for two decades. The imprint, which celebrated its 20th anniversary last year, has been a launching pad for countless artists since its 2003 inception.

Thanks to Knight’s cerebral approach to production, the terra firma beneath his music’s feet has always been permeated with soul. In addition to his bottomless abyss of generational house anthems, Knight’s remix work has also been pivotal, reinventing classics like Avicii’s “My Feelings For You” and giving them new life for a modern audience.

“My entire career in music has been driven by my love of music,” Knight tells “That’s why I got into it, and why I’m still doing it today. For me it was never about awards, but the fact that people have recognized my passion and contribution to music is incredibly overwhelming and I’d like to say a huge thank you to the EDMAs and to each and every person who has supported me throughout my career.”

Mark Knight’s revered stature within the world of electronic music world is already assured. With a career that stretches across three decades, highlighted by his innovative work as a DJ, producer, and the force behind Toolroom Records, Knight’s journey is marked by significant milestones and a relentless drive to push the boundaries of house music.

Founded in 2003, Toolroom Records has emerged as a global powerhouse in electronic music, celebrating its 20th anniversary in 2023. Under Knight’s leadership, Toolroom has not only been a label but a beacon for innovation in event organization, radio broadcasting, and musical education. Its weekly radio series, Toolroom Radio, commands an audience of over 16 million listeners, highlighting the label’s broad appeal.

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