Matt Sugar R feat. Thomas Barnett ‘Seein’ U’

Artist: Matt Sugar R feat. Thomas Barnett
Title: Seein’ U
Label: Visillusion
Release Date: 3rd July 2020
Cat. #: VSD008

  1. Seein’ U (TB mix)
  2. Seein’ U (Taho mix)
  3. Seein’ U (Original)

Thomas Barnett’s Visillusion drops ’Seein’ U’, the debut EP from French producer, DJ and radio host, Matt Sugar R, this July.

Featuring Barnett on co-production duties, Sugar R’s first foray into production, ’Seein’ U’, is a bright, jacking house cut that takes a classic house chord loop and filtered bassline combo and works it to the bone with some tight and extended looping techniques. Barnett’s remix runs with the original’s vibe almost entirely but layers a subtle jazz musicality into the mix for added depth while France’s Taho ups the tempo with a funk-laced techno interpretation that keeps just enough of the original’s vibe to satisfy house crews as well as Detroit devotees.

Punchy and infectious, Matt Sugar R ft Thomas Barnett’s ’Seein’ U’ is a love letter to the best of late 90’s house and is released on Visillusion on July 3rd.