Maximilien ‘De Virginie’

Artist: Maximilien
Title: De Virginie
Label: Sapiens
Cat. #: Sapiens048
Release Date: 4th December 2020
1) Deamon
2) Gravity
3) Deus
4) Guide
5) Nino
6) Space
7) Virgo
Maximilien, from Bretagne in France, follows a previous release on Kitsuné and a single titled ‘Ravi’ on Agoria’s Sapiens’ ReGeneration Day II in October, returning with a full solo debut on Sapiens label with ‘De Virgine’ this November. Having taken considerable inspiration from the likes of Justice, Daft Punk and SebastiAn, his sound now stands unique, encapsulating an avant-garde vibe.
The Frenchman has a soft spot for classical music as well as electro, pop and ambient that makes his music a fine fusion of rich harmonies and rugged club-ready beats. He has a real mastery of his analogue synths and always opens a door onto a parallel universe with his evocative and emotional sounds.
He kicks off with the lush, deep and dreamy late night sounds of ‘Deamon’ with its smooth pads and angelic vocals next to heartfelt piano chords. ‘Deus’ has bright synths dangling above an airy groove that has more heavenly vocals adding layers of emotion. ‘Gravity’ pairs gorgeous classical piano with supple arps that drift next to a bright lead which eventually erupts and causes melodic rain to fall.
Guide keeps melodies front and centre with blissful ambiance and delicate male vocals making for a clean, pure track that takes your mind away from there and now. After Nino with its slow motion broken beats and reflective melodies breaking through the clouds from above comes Space, with many layers of rich synth and piano and a vocodered vocal that hints to a subtle sense of a Daft Punk vibe. The trip closes with Virgo, an electronic lullaby that lurches on big, bold drums and twinkling pads.
This is a superbly crafted, richly detailed and masterfully melodic release from Maximilien, an incredible first release to come to fruition on Sapiens.