KAJUNGA006 Cover

Midnight Music Club ‘Premisession’

Artist: Midnight Music Club
Title: Premisession
Remixer: Private Guy
Label: Kajunga
Cat. #: KAJUNGA006
Format : vinyl, digital
Release Date: 10th April 2020
1. Calling Card
2. A New Day
3. Five AM
4. A New Day (Private Guy remix)

Minneapolis label Kajunga welcomes local mainstay Craig Lambert aka DJ Focus aka Midnight Music Club for an EP that pays homage to his home scene and includes a remix from label co-founder Private Guy.

Midnight Music Club has been collecting records for over 40 years, sharing them passionately for nearly 30 and studying music production for 20. This live artist’s timeless yet distinctly old school sound is reminiscent of early Chicago and Detroit pioneers, with a blend of deep house and techno that is uniquely his own. He has released on Chicago’s Descendants of the Deep label, as well as Headphoniq and his own self titled outlet. His ‘Premisession’ EP is an ode to the pivotal but now defunct Minneapolis warehouse venue Premises, which he himself founded and which hosted Kajunga’s first-ever all-night party.

The EP showcases MMC’s hardware fluency right from the off: the fantastic ‘Calling Card’ creates a welcome invitation to the record with sensual synth lines paired with the drive of undulating tom rhythms that echoes the best of US house music. The sensuous ‘A New Day’ evokes the feeling of a deep acid soiree with rich emotion and improvisational elegance resonating throughout the track. The warm, meditative ‘Five A.M.’ starts with a spring-time air before blooming into a Sunday morning daydream that you won’t want to break. Remixer Private Guy is a purveyor of all things deep and seals the deal by providing a more moody take on ‘A New Day,’ with melodies weaving through playful percussion to great effect.

This essential EP celebrates the greatness of the Minneapolis scene while providing plenty of quality dance floor moments.