Davide Nigro ‘Molecular Alchemy EP’

Artist: Davide Nigro
Title: Molecular Alchemy EP
Label: Motech
Cat. #: MT133
Format: Digital Download / Streaming
Release Date: 17 April 2020
1. Cosmic Geisha
2. Molecular Alchemy
3. Panoramic Life
4. Anarchy Sound System

Detroit techno label Motech Records’ second release of 2020 sees another debutant producer added to their more than impressive catalogue. This time the beats are supplied by Italian producer, Davide Nigro.

With a number of releases on various techno imprints in 2019, Nigro, (who cites techno’s Baron, Dave Clarke as a life changing influence after seeing him perform at the age of 15), is ready to explode in 2020 starting with the release of ‘Molecular Alchemy EP’ [MT133].

‘Cosmic Geisha’ opens the EP with a driving, pulsing rolling baseline, manic hi-hats and a groove that resonates energy from start to finish. The EP title track, ‘Molecular Alchemy’ follows, which Nigro describes as “crazy funky soul”. Expect a lo-fi aggressive, distorted synth lead; dirty funky Detroit techno at its best.

Track three, ‘Panoramic Life’ leads you into twisted airy suspense through spatial modulation, with dreamy interchanging rhythms and layers of beautifully sculpted sonic textures. Nigro adds: “welcome to the uncontaminated space of sound.” ‘Anarchy Sound System’ rounds off the EP, thumping into action with a pulsating reverberating sub-kick that’s dark and minimal, transcending with a lush morphing and filtered analogue acid lead that takes you into new sonic dimensions. Nigro says: “this is diabolic acid, pervading your senses up to the maximum exasperation that coincides with the utopian moment.” In simpler terms: a track made for the darkest contorted dance floors – mind-blowing music from start to finish!