YTCW054 Cover

musclecars ‘Street Dreams’

Artist: musclecars
Title : Street Dreams
Label: toucan sounds
Cat. #: YTCW054
Format: Digital
Release Date: 28th August 2020
1. Sun Track I feat. Tiff Ortiz
2. The Man Who Kept Bedstuy Warm
3. Sol
4. Sun Track II (for Black Healing) feat. Tiff Ortiz

Returning to toucan sounds for their second release, musclecars drop a deep and soulful release inspired by NYC entitled ‘Street Dreams’ featuring vocalist Tiff Ortiz.

Real names Brandon Weems and Craig Handfield, musclecars have fast become key players in New York’s vibrant house scene, whether helming their monthly Coloring Lessons events or making regular appearances on The Lot Radio. Earlier this year they made their production debut on French Horn Rebellion’s toucan sounds which included a collaboration alongside Grammy-nominated vocalist Brandon Markell Holmes. Inspired by their city, ‘Street Dreams’ is their follow up that embodies the essence of the neighbourhoods in which their reflections are housed.

‘Sun Track I’ is a beautiful opener with layered synths and a nearly beatless rhythm powered by subtle organic drums, topped off with the stunning vocals from fellow Brooklyn native Tiff Ortiz. With its funky guitar licks, intricate percussion and sultry bassline, ‘The Man Who Kept Bedstuy Warm’ is deep house at its best before ‘Sol’ follows with its low-slung groove, poignant piano keys and whispering vocals. Tying everything together, ‘Sun Track II (for Black Healing)’ is another stripped-back vocal trip oozing with soul.