Kirk ‘Dreamcore’

Artist: Kirk
Title: Dreamcore
Label: SleepLess Recordings
Cat. #: SLP034
Format: Digital
Release Date: September 30th 2022
1. Dreamcore

Talented Irish youngster KIRK returns to SleepLess Recordings with a nostalgic new Techno single – Dreamcore.

Hailing from Carlow, Ireland, (Aaron) KIRK is one of the country’s next wave of promising Techno talent and a regular supplier of emphatic releases on SleepLess. Dropping in with his fourth solo release on the label, ‘Dreamcore’ showcases KIRK’s broadened creativity and endless desire to craft weighty dancefloor cuts that set him apart from the crowd.

In essence, ‘Dreamcore’ is a gripping stadium-sized Techno bomb with a nostalgic twist. Combining a base of thumping kick drums and rippling bass tones with ravey acid techno elements from the outset, its vast atmospheric soundscapes and crisp hat grooves add an underground feel. The track is brought together by an undeniably catchy centrepiece, building around one of the most iconic vocal samples of the early rave era.

KIRK’s ‘Dreamcore’ lands on SleepLess Recordings on 30th September 2022.

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Alessandro Cocco ‘Unsolved Case’

Artist: Alessandro Cocco
Title: Unsolved Case
Label: Mind Games
Remixer: Luca Maniaci
Cat. #: MINDGAMES058
Format: Digital
Release Date: 28 September 2022
01. Unsolved Case
02. Unsolved Case (Luca Maniaci Remix)
03. Unchanged Behavior
04. Unrevealed Secret
05. Until Tomorrow

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Mind Games is an underground techno label from Italy ran by Luca Maniaci.

Alessandro Cocco was born in Rome and studied sound design in London, making his debut on Mind Games he also has appearances on imprints such as Coded Platform, Black Line and Eclipse.

Label boss Luca Maniaci is an established artist who lists labels such as Josh Wink’s Ovum and Florian Meindl’s FLASH Recordings in his back catalogue.

“Unsolved Case” is a raw jam with thundering toms and haunting atmospherics ready to take on the dance floor.

Luca Maniaci switches up the opener with a more driving take and expands the mood with added bleeping tones.

“Unchanged Behavior” uses modular notes to form the hook over some jackin’ percussion bursting with energy.

Fourth on offer is “Unrevealed Secret” with a bouncing beat and rattling drums working with some tasteful sci-fi twinkles.

Closing with “Until Tomorrow” and its brooding aesthetic, the clean, hypnotic feel and mind-bending hook are outstanding.

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Various ‘Greyscale Exposure Series 3’

Artist: Various
Title: Greyscale Exposure Series 3
Label: Greyscale
Cat. #: GREYEXPO003
Format: Digital, vinyl
Release Date: September 30th 2022
A1 Stelios Vassiloudis – Another Time
A2 Jamie S. – System Encounter
B1 Operandum – Equinox
B2 Armin Bender – 494

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Lithuania based Greyscale Records is ready to make available a vinyl only release: ‘Greyscale Exposure Series 3’ offers an immersive experience of dub techno oriented tracks made by Stelios Vassiloudis, Jamie S., Operandum and Armin Bender. The A side song styles seem to follow a traditional and purist way, while the two productions on the flip passionately hazard into something oriented to the future and to the dancefloor.

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MÖD4RN ‘Decode Process Inform Decide’

Artist: MÖD4RN
Title: Decode Process Inform Decide
Label: Möd3rn records
Cat. #: MDRN12
Format: Digital, CD
Release Date: September 30th 2022
1 – Sea of Electrons
2 – Mechanical Illusions
3 – Signal Transmission
4 – Lost Connection
5 – Archived Data
6 – Seduction 2.0
7 – Ai and I together
8 – Virtual Emotion
9 – Meta Immersion
10 – Reaching Hands
11 – Human Rhizome

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Möd4rn is the collaborative music project run by Electric Rescue, Kmyle, Maxime Dangles and Moteka, focused on contemporary and underground electronic music. ‘Decode Process Inform Decide’ is the title given to their second studio album, which collects an ensemble of 11 intense and dancefloor oriented productions. The album taken as whole offers a great modernism applied to techno: as time passes the challenges increase, like the difficulty to create something timeless, we are all able to see these elements for ourselves.

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Gronery ‘Segment’

Artist: Gronery
Title: Segment
Label: Minor Notes Recordings
Cat. #: MNRD007
Format: Digital
Release Date: October 6th 2022

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It’s time to open the dark side of Minor Notes… And introduce you to a new artist in our roster. Please welcome Gronery!

This man is truly a hard worker in music production. His friends complain that he can’t stop writing new music even at their home parties, where all girls go wild when they hear signature Gronery style. No surprise, because Artem has been making music for more than 10 years now. Starting with making beats on legendary eJay DAW in the ghetto of Krasnoyarsk (Siberia, Russia) he studied on his own what groove is. Being in progress, using new hardware such as MPC and synths Artem started his experiments with electronic music. After moving to Moscow Gronery crystallized his own sound and all boundaries between styles were finally erased. Now he is more into making fat hip-hop beats, super dope deep & tech house.

Segment EP it’s practically an album of selected tracks, which were written in the last 3 years. We collected significant part of club ready bombs from Artem’s Ableton projects for your prime time gigs plus added super heavy remix from DJ Max (Sergei Timoshenko, art-director of legendary Propaganda Moscow Club) to wrap up this release finally. Here you have 7 tracks with unique deep & tech flow with some acid influence and samples of porn-stars interviews before they got banged. Be careful And obey Gronery now!

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Batida ‘Neon Colonialismo’

Artist: Batida
Title: Neon Colonialismo
Label: Crammed Discs
Cat. #: CRAM316
Format: Digital, CD, vinyl
Release Date: October 21st 2022
1 Bem Vindo feat. DJ Satelite
2 Hmmm feat. Bonga
3 Bom Bom feat. Mayra Andrade
4 Ah! feat. Poté
5 Farramenta feat. Nastio Mosquito
6 Sr Mandao feat. Ikonoklasta, Octa Push & DJ Dolores
7 Tem Dor (Africa de Itamaraca) feat. Lia de Itamaraca &
8 Sou eu! feat. Joao Morgado
9 Batida Botto feat. Botto Trindade & Pedro da Linha
10 Eléctrico feat. Branko

Pedro Coquenao makes under the alias Batida the album ‘Neon Colonialismo’, made in collaboration with a set of artists coming from various countries and cultures. Aside the conceptual motivation related to its publication, house, tribal and afro house influences are melt into these tracks, providing an exquisite sound design with clean, detailed and rich instrumentals. Even if a peak song don’t emerge from the entire composition, apparently it doesn’t seem a problem: each one carries a singular mood that encourages the listener to get into the album’s mood in each point of the tracklist.

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PACKSHOT Alexander Church & James Welsh - Configurations 17 - Configurations Of Self

Alexander Church & James Welsh ‘Configurations 17’

Artist: Alexander Church & James Welsh
Title: Configurations 17
Label: Configurations of Self
Cat. #: Config17
Format: Digital
Release Date: 26th September 2022
01 Alexander Church feat. Rebekah K – Feel This Way (Vocal Mix)
02 Alexander Church feat. Rebekah K – Feel This Way (Dub Mix)
03 James Welsh – Wynken
04 Alexander Church feat. Rebekah K – Stay (Vocal Mix)
05 Alexander Church feat. Rebekah K – Stay (Dub Mix)
06 James Welsh – RJIW

Following five previous collborations, Alexander Church & James Welsh come together once more for a split EP on Church’s Configurations of Self label.

Church is an adventurous artist who has been on the scene since the mid-nineties. He has made everything from melodic soundscapes to industrial techno under a range of aliases and always draws inspiration from his own deep thinking and desire to tell a personal story. This time he calls on vocalist Rebekah K to add a different dimension to his sounds.

First up is the fantastic ‘Feel This Way (Vocal Mix)’ which has a spine-tingling performance from Rebekah K who adds real soul to the sleek, Detroit-style techno below. It’s an expansive tune that brings real emotion. The dub is just as effective with a more sparingly used vocal glowing over the futurist grooves.

Former post-punk band member Welsh is a versatile producer who is hard to pin down. He has made everything from bass to techno on labels like Futureboogie and Phantasy Sound and has worked with Church on a strong series of EPs in recent times. In solo mode he offers ‘Wynken’, a melancholic masterpiece with sombre chords and a tender vocal buried deep. The punchy drums have soft edges and the whole track encourages serious inward reflection while you dance.

Alexander Church and Rebekah K then offer ‘Stay,’ a seven-minute track on loopy drums that rock back and forth with metallic percussion and bathed in cinematic synths. The vocal brings tenderness to this most widescreen of electronic sounds while the dub drives more directly. Welsh closes the EP with ‘RJIW’, a deep, symphonic but driving cut with smooth vocals and heartfelt chords. It’s a hi-tek soul track that sweeps you up and carries you away on a zoned-out vibe.

This varied EP is another high-water mark for Alexander Church & James Welsh.



Second Skin ‘Sense of Purpose’

Artists: Second Skin
Title: Sense of Purpose
Label: Blueprint
Cat. #: BP066
Format: Vinyl / Digital
Release Date: 7 October 2022
A1. Bare Hands
A2. Sense of Purpose
B1. Reformed Theology
B2. No Escape

Second Skin is Spanish producers Psyk and Oscar Mulero with their first release for James Ruskin’s Blueprint.

These two prolific figures of the Techno scene will already be known to many. Oscar Mulero has run his own label, Warm Up since 2000 and PoleGroup Records since 2004, as well as releasing more recently on the likes of Token and Semantica. Meanwhile, Psyk launched his Non Series imprint in 2011 and has graced other labels including Mote-Evolver, Tresor, and Semantica (like Oscar). Of course, both artists boast a heavy DJ schedule with sets across the globe.

Joining forces under the name Second Skin, they are resolute for this next Blueprint release. The tracks range from the techno tribalism of ‘Bare Hands’, the pitch-black ‘Sense of Purpose’ and driving ‘Reformed Theology’, to the hypnotic ‘No Escape’.


D.In.Ge.Cc.O. ‘Bacanadera Butterfly’

Artist: D.In.Ge.Cc.O.
Title: Bacanadera Butterfly

Bacanadera Butterfly is the return journey of the unconscious through the images, sounds, emotions rediscovered in the first Bananadera.

Jazz, Funk, instruments and suggestions of South American music take on more European connotations, are enriched with more lounge atmospheres and a greater presence of sinths.

While remaining influenced by the magic of tribal rhythms, the evocative atmospheres are more familiar. However, the dreamy and psychedelic imaginative dream that reveals itself with its rarefied and indefinable sounds, poised between the present, the past and the future, remains unchanged and at times even more meaningful.
The amalgamation and contrast of instruments with warm and cold, ethnic and synthetic tones, transports the listener through an unpredictable and evocative path. It is the baggage of experiences made while discovering a distant land that, during the return trip, seeks a motivation to transform itself into a motivational drive that can be decisive for the change in the life that will be.

It is the transformation of the worm into a butterfly. The awareness of the inevitable change that every intense experience generates in ourselves. And just as the caterpillar turns out to be a butterfly, so, “Bacanadera Butterfly” stimulates us to fly towards new states of consciousness…

PACKSHOT Dennis Cruz - Ready To Roll - MUSE

Dennis Cruz ‘Ready To Roll’

Artist: Dennis Cruz
Title: Ready To Roll
Label: MÜSE
Cat. #: MUSE037
Format: Digital
Release Date: 23rd September 2022
1. Ready To Roll
2. Fire On

MÜSE boss Dennis Cruz returns to the label with more heat as he drops his two-track ‘Ready To Roll’ EP.

The home of massive summer anthems including ‘Ready For The Blues’ and ‘So Sweet’, it’s fair to say that Dennis Cruz is enjoying releasing material MÜSE – the imprint he runs alongside fellow Solid Grooves favourite Eddy M. Hot on the heels of his latest two-tracker, the Madrid native is back with a fresh selection of signature grooves as he reveals his latest EP on the label, ‘Ready To Roll’.

Skippy drums, zig-zagging bass and wild brass melodies twist and tumble beneath vibrant vocal samples as the Spaniard does what he does best by serving up a driving peak-time anthem with title cut ‘Ready To Roll’, before ‘Fire On’ sinks into a deep and dark roller made for sweaty basements and cavernous warehouse spaces alike.