Not so k ‘A World Without’

Artist: Not so k
Title: A World Without
Label: Traum
Cat. #: Traum V289
Release Date: 17. November 2023
1. Like Velvet
2. A World Without
3. 63 Voices

Not for k’s debut release on TRAUM!

Here we are releasing the very first EP of British musician Not so k. He debuted on Traum with his single track “Beyond” on Tour De Traum 25 in July. The artist is fortunate to live a creative life working as a music producer + mixing / mastering engineer at a studio in London while on the weekends he develops his own music. Since he works on diverse genres of music at work this has become an inspiration also for his own project. After writing harder electronic genres such as dubstep & drum and bass in the past, he feels that he has now arrived at a point where his emotions are expressed in the most honest way.

The EP kicks off with “Like Velvet” which shows a very strong introspective feeling on a very high emotional and intense level. Its is a track that because of its limited number of well selected sounds creates a strong mood which gets under your skin. Partly gloomy with glimpses of optimism we think this track will touch peoples hearts.

“A World Without” delivers twisted mesmerizing emotional melodic landscapes which unwind like the DNA of the artist. These fractured and progressing melodies connect to the listener in a magic way. This track at one stage enters a dreamlike state which is sad and optimistic at the same time before dropping back into the clash of mood swinging sounds. A shout out to all our fans that like the works of Nick Dow on Traum… you will find the music of Not so k equally breathtaking!

The last track “63 Voices” is the most ambient track with organ sounds filling up the air. It offers in the course its progression also parts to dance to. The track is without doubt very lively and feels as if it runs through decades of memories at the speed of light. Sometimes self examining but always in a very colorful and cheerful way.