CM010 Cover

Nu Azeite ‘Remixes’

Artist: Nu Azeite
Title : Remixes
Label: Cocada Music
Cat. #: CM010
Format: Digital
Release Date: 12th February
01 Me Deixa Louca (Renato Cohen Remix)
02 Vem com Noix (Fatnotronic & Emmo Remix)
03 Chicago (Rafael Yapudjian Remix)

Cocada Music revisit Nu Azeite’s debut album this February as they invite Renato Cohen, Fatnotronic & Emmo, and Rafael Yapudjian to remix key tracks.

Brazilian duo Nu Azeite’s highly anticipated debut album has been a breath of fresh air in the opening weeks of 2021, gaining support from the likes of Horse Meat Disco, DJ Sneak and Richard Dorfmeister alongside critical acclaim from the media. Now we are offered a fresh set of interpretations as Cocada Music enlist Renato Cohen, Fatnotronic & Emmo, & Rafael Yapudjian on remix duties.

First up is Renato Cohen’s reinterpretation of ‘Me Deixa Louca’, a funk-tinged, peak-time affair with energetic builds, bouncing bassline sequences and punchy drum licks making this a modern balearic gem. Fatnotronic & Emmo’s remix of ‘Vem com Noix’ weaves rolling drums with the original’s captivating vocals, adding an acidic twist to transport listeners on a journey to the after hours. To close, Rafael Yapudjian delivers his richly musical version of ‘Chicago’ providing a Chic inspired feel-good house gem, built on uplifting strings, blissful tones and heartfelt melodies.