Martyn Päsch ‘Udaipur’

Artist: Martyn Päsch
Title: Udaipur
Label: No Way Records
Remixers: Aquiver, Infinity
Cat: NWR020
Format: Digital
Release Date: July 27th 2020
Udaipur (Original Mix)
Agra (Dub Mix)
Udaipur (Aquiver Remix)
Agra (Infinity Remix)

No Way Records welcomes Martyn Pasch with his EP titled ‘Udaipur’, featuring two originals and the respective remixes from Aquiver and Infinity. The title track reveals to be a special combination of dark techno with bright melodies, there the peculiar pad and the main melody create a contrasting vibe that arouses an intricate feeling; while ‘Agra’ detaches from the obscure sonorities, with instrumentals that going through a positive and glittering sound setup: in this production the main game is done again by a smooth pad and a simple chord that plays a catchy melody.
Both the remixers opt for a cluster vision of techno, elevating the dark potential of the originals.

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